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About ME

Hi there!

You have one life. Live it to its fullest!

I' have learnt a lot on my journey into corporate culture; let me share my lessons with you. 

Corporate Culture Transformation

Warning: Corporate culture is like a baby.

“You have to watch it 24/7. It needs to be fed at least 3 times a day. And when it makes a mess, you have to clean up and change it” – UCLA Athletic Director, Dan Guerrero.

To drive sustainable corporate change, it is crucial  to design a long-term Conscious Connectedness Corporate Culture Strategy to sustain corporate culture change management efforts.

Blog Posts

Sharing insights  on a variety of topics including  corporate culture, leadership, employee engagement and self-leadership .


Indulge and enjoy!

Food for thought

Purchase this insightful and inspiring read and start YOUR kindness journey today. 


Let's lead with kindness!


The Pressure Cooker, leading in a values- and people-centred way

I am super excited to announce that my book, The Pressure Cooker, leading in a values- and people-centred way, is now available worldwide.

It has been an ongoing passion project and one that I am proud to share with you, as you strive to embody people-centred leadership in your own organisation.

The impossible is indeed possible!







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