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It’s the end of the year as we know it.

That’s it. 2019 is almost done... and with it’s close, comes the end of another decade. For many, the thought of the end of another year means a time for reflection. A time to gather our strength and think ahead to new dreams, new goals and new adventures for the following year. The end of a decade feels even more like the perfect time to re-group, re-focus and re-energize.

For those running an organization, this can also mean a stressful time of budgets, bonuses and balancing acts as we try to wrap things up and keep them going in an orderly and inspired manner. This year can and should be different for you. That is why I have decided to share some year-end survival tips with you. Let’s manage this potentially stressful time together, step-by-step. Let’s step into the new year, and decade with focus and energy.

Let’s start right now... Here are my top 3 survival tips for the end of the year:

1. Manage your stress:

We are all tired. It’s been a long year, filled with pressure and expectation. Now is the time to slow it down and focus on how you engage with your employees and clients. It’s this time of year that sees fights and anger boiling up in the workplace. That’s because we are all tired. This is your opportunity to rise above... or rather, simmer down, lower than... everyone else. Take a step back and a deep breath. Take as many chances as you can, to look after yourself. If you can remain calm and centred during a stressful time, your employees and clients will reflect your calm nature and you will come out the other side with no regrets. Trust me, even if people do not respond positively straight away, your demeanor and attitude will stay with them over time.

2. Focus on the good:

It’s easy to focus on the negative aspects of any year. The mistakes we have made, the money we have lost or clients we made angry. It’s good to be aware of the negative situations in order to grow through and improve on them, but we should not harp on them for longer than is necessary. Throughout the highs and lows, there are so many highs that we should also focus on. Remember when that client referred her friends to you. Remember that employee that came to work wearing a floral shirt because it was Spring. These things light up our days and filter our experiences with happiness. The good things are what keep us, and our employees and our clients coming back. Keep the focus on the good, especially at the end of the year, and put a good taste in the mouths of your brand ambassadors and clients as they smile into the new year with you.

3. Find a humanitarian goal for next year:

Having a shared vision and goal brings teams together. ( I will share a lot more on this in my upcoming book!!!! ) Decide on a charity or cause that you would like to get behind and let your employees know. Ask them to start thinking of ideas as they rest over the holidays. This will give you and them something to look forward to and work towards in the new year. It doesn’t have to be big. It’s the idea behind it that is important. Having a shared goal for everyone to work towards will bring your team together and show your employees and clients that you care about more than just making money.

Perhaps the most important thing to remember as we say goodbye to another year is to say thank you! Thank your friends and family for supporting you, thank your employees for supporting your organization’s policies and goals, and thank your clients for supporting your business. Thank car guards, security guards, cleaning staff and kitchen staff. Thank garbage collectors and service providers. Thank everyone that you can. Remember that we are a unit. Without each other, society would crumble and there would be no organization to be successful in.

Have a wonderful end to your year, and an inspired start to 2020 and the new decade! See you there!

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