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Why should you engage with me?

Let's start by asking the question, if I will be a natural fit for you? Do our values complement each other? If the answer is yes, let's connect!


The values of Integrity and Respect are part of my DNA; reinforced by the way that I was raised.  It is who I AM. My complimentary personal core values are Kindness, Gratitude, Vulnerability and Faith.


I am an enthusiastic and dedicated professional whose passion is to drive strategic alignment across functional areas to ensure synchronised efforts and results by capitalising on the power of collective thinking.


With +31 years of experience in the world of business, I truly understand the importance of processes to drive consistency within brands BUT how we make people feel in terms of how we execute these processes, ultimately drives profitability within the world of business.

I have facilitated and presented hundreds of engagement workshops in a conscious effort to drive personal and organisational connectedness, crucial ingredients for future brands to survive and thrive.

    And yes, once-off initiatives could most certainly help you to start the corporate culture journey. 

However, to drive sustainable corporate change, it is crucial  to design a long-term Conscious Connectedness Corporate Culture Strategy to sustain  corporate culture change management efforts.


If  you are just as passionate about corporate culture as I am, 

- feel free to connect with me.


Masters Degree in Business Leadership (UNISA SBL - 2006)


B.Comm: Manpower and Labour Relations (1985-1987)​

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